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Holy Saturday Labyrinth Walk

Members of All Souls Church who would like to walk the Labyrinth for prayer and meditation during Holy Saturday are welcome on Saturday, March 26 from 9-10:30. Because it is a make-up for students who missed the vigil, students will be allowed to enter the labyrinth ahead of other members. It should pose little difficulty since people enter the labyrinth every 2 minutes.

Save the Date: Steinway Concert 4.17.16

THE NEXT STEINWAY CONCERT at All Souls Church will be at 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, April 17, 2016. Boston-based mezzo-soprano D’Anna Fortunato will be joined by acclaimed flutist Peter H. Bloom and pianist Mary Jane Rupert in works by Beethoven, Schubert, Pinkham, and others. As a part of the Arlan A. Baillie Steinway Concert Series at the church, admission is free. Grammy-nominated D’Anna Fortunato has been called “affecting. . .superb” (The New York Times) and “a mezzo-soprano of profound musicality and technical aplomb” (The Village Voice). Ms. Fortunato will perform a Gala Vocal Chamber Concert with Peter H. Bloom (flute and alto flute) and Mary Jane Rupert (piano). Selections will include C

Holy Week at All Souls Church

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday. This year, Sunday, March 20 marks the beginning of Holy Week. This is the day we recognize Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem with crowds cheering his arrival. We participate in the parade from afar with special music and the distribution of palms as we sing our own Hosannas. Maundy Thursday, Thursday, March 24, is the night we recall Jesus’ last supper with his disciples before his arrest, trial and execution. At All Souls we mark this night in a number of ways. For teens and adults participating in the summer mission program, a special meal (a "Seder") is shared as the beginning of the Passion Vigil which they will observe for 24 hours. For the entire c

La Romana Mission Trip-February 2016

After a week in La Romana, Dominican Republic, serving Haitian sugar cane workers and helping with various projects at the Good Samaritan Hospital, the most common remark is, “I get so much more from this experience than I give!” The rapport and friendships we build with the people who coordinate our program, who cook our meals and who act as our interpreters, is truly amazing. The Haitians who worship with us in the large city church; in small mission churches or in the bateys are gracious and welcoming. Families come to the Medical Clinics in the bateys, dressed in their best, smiling, happy, and appreciative in spite of their struggles. Children flock to receive their parasite medicin

New Flavor for ASSIST-JC Eggs

People have been asking for this particular new flavor for years. Only after some "so-so" responses to the raspberry flavored egg this Lent did the candy creators determine that the plea for MAPLE eggs should no longer be ignored. On Sunday, February 28th a testing of the new flavor at the Coffee Hour was greeted with, “It’s about time!” “This is great!” “I’ve got maple syrup flowing in my veins and this is just right!”. With that positive feedback, we dove into making a batch of maple eggs. When it got out that the raspberry eggs were not going to be made again we suddenly heard, “There are not going to be any more raspberry eggs? Oh no, they were my favorite!” The egg makers put their head

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