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Eastport-God's Project

“I saw the weather report about rain and I just said, ‘God, we can’t have rain, you gotta make that storm go around us.’ and you know what? That’s just what the storm did. Ain’t that something?” Shirley seemed as surprised as pleased that God answered her humble prayer so that the team constructing her new steps and a deck could keep at the work. It’s been that kind of week so far. People with the right skills showing up at the right moment. Smiles all around. Projects moving smoothly or not, but still moving ahead anyway. Stories from residents have entertained the teams and stories are being created by the moment. You need to ask about Shiloh Marie, the house-trained pig, or the view from

“When Aimless Violence Takes Those We Love”

“Eternal God, We offer our prayers for the innocents who have died, who are dying now, and who will soon die. We are grieved and frightened by the terror loosed upon the world. We hoped, with no evidence, that this millennium would be different from the last— that our new century would have done with holocausts, killing fields, massacres, and terror on every side. While some places are safer than others, we know there is no safe place, for even the private, inner lives of many is held hostage by fear. Grant us wisdom and courage for the facing of these days. We pray for the confounding of hate and a reordering of our own lives. Sustain us and help us find some comfort and hope in the go

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