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Chad L. Poland, Next Minister of All Souls Church

The Executive Board is pleased to announce that the congregational meeting on Sunday, November 27th resulted in overwhelming acceptance of the Rev. Mr. Chad L. Poland, the recommended candidate, as our next minister. Rev. Poland will begin ministry with All Souls Congregational Church on March 1st, 2017. Rev. Renee U. Garrett will serve as interim from January 1st through 28 February 2017. She will be charged with pulpit coverage and maintaining several key roles and functions through this time of transition. Please join the Executive Board in thanking all of the members who served on the Search Committee – Melissa Huston (Chair), Barbara Gibson, Clif Eames, George Eaton, Lois Dvorak, Bruc

Awesome Opportunity to Support the Pipe Organ Fund

The recently completed CD of organ music from All Souls Church is now available at the church and at several places around Bangor for $15 each. It will also be on sale at our All Souls Bazaar on Saturday, November 19. The CD features organist Kay Eames playing traditional organ literature (Bach, Franck, Mendelssohn, etc.), with an original piece and a few hymn arrangements that she composed, a couple of flute pieces played by Anne Small, flutist, and a distinctly non-religious piece at the end: Entrance of the Gladiators. Proceeds will benefit the pipe organ fund at the church for a digital upgrade to the console. You can find the CD at Bull Moose Music, 683 Hogan Road, and online at www.bul

The Organ CD: From Inspiration to Creation

The challenge: Some things take time. A lot of time. More than three decades ago, former minister of All Souls Bill England, suggested that I make a CD of my organ playing. I thanked him while the words “MONUMENTAL TASK” ran through my mind. How would such a project be funded? How would I ever play well enough under pressure to be satisfied? I made a file folder labeled “CD,” tossed in the names of a few favorite pieces I could play if I ever did make a CD (I thought it unlikely), and left it in a drawer. It stayed there for years. But the idea of a recording kept gnawing at me. I really did want to produce a permanent record of how our fine Moeller organ sounded during my time as organist.

Embracing the Transition: transcript of Dr. Haddix's wise advice

“You heard the announcement today that Mrs. Garrett will be the interim minister here. I was fortunate when I came. I was…….now remember this folks, I’ve been here a long time. When I came here I warned you I said I’m staying. (laughter)…. Nobody quite believed it. But I was found by a search committee of this church, who, in their time, and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and surrounded and undergirded by the prayers of the church set off to find a pastor for that time. And you will have to be the judge of the results of their search; but I have been blessed to have been your pastor these many years. There is a search committee now for this time. Under the guidance of the Holy

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