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Farewell and Godspeed, Dr. and Mrs. Haddix

December is always filled with delightful gatherings where family and friends get together to celebrate the Christmas holiday. It was absolutely true this year at All Souls Church as family and friends came together on Christmas morning to wish our beloved pastor and teacher of 26 years a fond farewell. Dr. Haddix commented during the service that it looked like Easter Morning with the pews filled. The singing was majestic as carols were raised amidst tears and smiles.

Dr. Haddix repeated several times in the last few weeks the Dutch pastor’s response to the question about the disappearance of his parishioners Jewish friends, “I can’t tell you what to do, but I can tell you who you are and when you know who you are, then you’ll know what to do.” His final words to the congregation were these: “I have spent a fair amount of time reminding you of who you are…and when you know that, you’ll know what to do…thanks be to God…Amen’

We have been the beneficiaries of a man who has loved this congregation on behalf of his Master. We have learned to love God and love each other better for his having come among us and shared our common life. We do join him in saying, “Thanks be to God!”

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