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Street Pastors is 3 Years Old!

The end of August marks 3 full years of Street Pastors in Bangor, Maine.

Every Friday night in rain, snow, wind, warm or freezing temperatures, a Street Pastor team has been walking the streets of downtown Bangor. By talking with people, providing assistance to those who party a little too hard, listening to the stories of people who are out at night in our town we have become known as the “God Squad”. Street Pastors have provided water and tootsie pops, protein bars and McDonald’s meal cards, blankets, mittens, socks and hats to those in need. They have listened to earnest pleas for help as well as mostly good-natured banter about our Christian faith. In a very real way the Street Pastors are providing a practical demonstration of God’s love and care for the people of this area. What makes Street Pastors so unique is its wide volunteer base from many different churches. While Street Pastor volunteers may not warm up to each other’s worship styles or ways of praying, service and mission is a point of real unity among those who serve. It always surprises and delights people on the street that churches are working together in such an obvious way.

Sunday, August 20 is Street Pastor Sunday. There will be a brief report from All Souls Street Pastors and an invitation to get involved.

Most importantly as we reach this anniversary The Bangor Area Street Pastor Initiative announces the launch of a daytime patrol. We are seeking people interested in this ministry to our community who are willing to serve in the daytime to contact us immediately!

A crucial training session, Roles and Responsibilities I and II, is being held on Friday night, August 25 5:30 p.m. through and Saturday morning, August 26 at All Souls Church. If you are feeling any nudges from God about involvement in Street Pastors—for day or night patrols, but have just been dragging your feet…now is the time to check out this new expanded opportunity to serve our community. If you have any interest at all, please contact Renee Garrett or Becka Timms through the church office.

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