Together As One Mosaic

Rev. James L. Haddix, Ph.D.,



Rev. Renee U. Garrett, M.Div.,

Minister of Christian Nurture


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Welcome to
All Souls Congregational Church

To You from the Ministers of All Souls Church:

Welcome to the All Souls web site. There are things here to see and read and think about. You will find some things interesting and some challenging, but all is intended to help you get a feel for this church--and to feel welcomed.

Our life here together is grounded in the traditions and worship forms of New England Congregationalism--the Pilgrims and Puritans and their descendants. Worship here is formal; not stiff, but attentive to shaping people according to the language of Scripture and into the ways of Jesus Christ. We work and pray for changes in the minds and hearts that make people more Christ-like. We also work and pray for Godly transformations of the world around us--our social world, the world of work and home, the natural world. So we are a church in mission, in service to others.Honduras picture

All Souls emphasizes an intergenerational life together. Children are not the future of the church; they are very much the present of the church. So are the more mature. Together we learn. Together we worship. Together we serve.

Please enter this web site and look around. Then come see for yourself. Let's meet at the corner of State Street and Broadway in Bangor on a Sunday morning. Or you can contact us.