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July 7, 2024
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Join us on Sundays as we praise the Lord and unite as a community. Worship begins each week at 10:00 am (9:00 am during the months of July and August). The following services are available for those who worship with us.
  • Elevator serving all levels

At French Street entrance. No elevator access to Baillie Building.


  • Bibles at either entrance to the Meetinghouse


  • DVD's of each service

Sign-out through church office


  • Restrooms

         Narthex: departing the Meetinghouse to the left


  • Automated Emergency Defibrillator (AED)

Located in the Haddix Hall as you depart the Meetinghouse on the right mounted on the wall next to the door leading to the balcony

  • Childcare

Infants to age 3, in the Nursery of the Baillie Building


  • Church School

September through May - Preschool through High School


  • Children's Table 

Activity/coloring sheets, "pew pals", picture books


  • Large print bulletins

At either entrance to the meetinghouse


  • Wireless pesonal listening system

Please consult with the custodian or ushers as you arrive


  • Wheelchairs Lifts

Accessible Lift from Baillie Building to Meetinghouse level only

General Order of Worship

1. Prelude

The musical prelude begins at 9:50 am. 

Children are present for the beginning of worship.

2. Candle Lighting & Opening the Bible 

3. Words of Welcome and Opportunity to Greet One's Neighbor

4. Introit 

5. Call to Worship

6. Invocation

7. Hymn

There are usually three hymns during the service. They are typically traditional and familiar, but occasionally we are challenged with something new.

8. Unison Prayer including the Lord's Prayer 

9. Gloria Patri 

Our declaration of glory to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

10. Anthem

11. Special Events

At this point, there could be a variety of special events such as a baptism, recognition, announcement and/or children's story.

12. Children's Message and Dismissal to Sunday School

Children and Youth leave for Church School

13. On the Life of the Church

Announcements regarding opportunities to grow and to get involved.

14. Scripture Lessons & Congregational/Choral Response

We currently follow the Narrative Lectionary but include two other readings as well, one of them being a Psalm which is read responsively.

15. The Offering and Offertory

16. Doxology and Presentation of Offering 

17. Hymn

18. Sermon

19. Pastoral Prayer, Silent Prayer, Choral Response

20. Hymn

21. Extinguishing of Candles, Closing the Bible & Postlude


Following the service there are refreshments provided in the Vestry in the lower level. You are invited to this time of personal fellowship.

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