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Through Confirmation, the church renews its commitment to the Christian growth​.


Students entering their Freshman year in high school have reached the age when it is possible for them to be confirmed. Through Confirmation, the church renews its commitment to the Christian growth and discipleship of our youth and the teenagers themselves claim their parents’ baptismal promises as their own.


All Souls has prepared a series of educational experiences, guidance, and opportunities for the confirmation of our youth. We believe that Confirmation represents one of the most important events in the journey of one‘s faith. We are confident that youth will experience Confirmation as a time of growth, deeper commitment, and joy.  The year of Confirmation begins with a "3-C Weekend" (Crash Course in Christianity). All members of the class are expected to participate for the entire weekend (which begins at 5 pm on Friday and ends at noon on Sunday).  The experiential learning method allows the students to learn first hand the major components of the Christian life and helps the class bond as a group.  One student told his parents at the end of the weekend, "This is the best experience I've ever had!"  Many others have echoed that sentiment.  Another major aspect of our approach to Confirmation is the assigning of an adult "Mentor" who will develop a personal relationship with the teenager and will personally lead them through the various experiences of Confirmation. 


Our next Confirmation Class will begin in the fall. Through Confirmation, students will be able to explore personal faith, to develop a significant relationship with a person in our church who is deeply committed to Christ, to ask questions, and to develop a deeper sense of commitment to the church. As parent(s), your encouragement and participation in this program are essential. As Christian parent(s), in choosing to raise your child within the church, you are fulfilling your God-given responsibility. We hope that, through Confirmation, we can assist you as we work together to strengthen the faith and the commitment of these young disciples.

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