Whether you are a new visitor to this beautiful place of worship or a longtime friend, we hope that this site will be useful to you in explaining some of the details, logistics, and policies of the church school program.​

Welcome to Church School


We welcome you and your family to Church School at All Souls Congregational Church. Whether you are a new visitor to this beautiful place of worship or a longtime friend, we hope that this site will be useful to you in explaining some of the details, logistics, and policies of the church school program. We encourage you to take a few minutes to review this material as you consider having your child participate in the educational program this year.


The Board of Christian Education feels strongly that a firm grounding in the basic beliefs, practices, and principles of our Christian faith is tremendously important as a first step of a life-long faith journey. The church intends to be a welcoming place, a safe place (see our Safe Church Policy), and a place full of smiles, songs, and nurturing encouragement. We hope that we can share that spirit with you and your child as we work together.


Our Sunday educational programming for Preschool through 3rd Grade is called EPIC, Educational Program Imparting Christianity. Grades 4 & 5, 6-8, and 9-12 meet in a more traditional classroom with their teachers. More information on EPIC and how to get involved are below.



Each week, after attending the opening 10-15 minutes of worship with their families, children and youth leave for church school. Pre-School through Third Grade children will be shepherded by volunteers to Room C where they will be visited by a Storyteller who will tell Bible stories, learn songs and hymns of our faith and do arts and crafts related to the theme of the week. This plan resembles the Vacation Bible School format that has worked well for us in recent years.


One thing is sure: we need the help of parents and other adults to help us meet our mission to the children. As you review this site, we hope you might think of ways you might contribute to the success of our growing program and that you might prayerfully consider joining us as a volunteer 4 Sundays (your choice) in the Church School year. There are multiple ways to help. We’d love to have you join us in this most joyful and rewarding task. As you give your 4 hours you are indeed having an impact with eternal implications for the children of this congregation. Consider the following positions:

                Shepherd: You will join with a friend, a spouse, or a fellow pew-mate as you exit worship the same time as the children. You will gather with the children in Room C and assist the storyteller, the song leader and the craft leader by helping the children keep attentive to the activities at hand. You will be given helpful hints by the song leader and art leader along the way. That’s it!

                Artist: You will demonstrate to the children how the craft or art project for the week is put together and then assist the children in accomplishing that task. The art projects will be prepared ahead of time.

                Artist Assistants: You will provide assistance to the Church School Coordinator during the art project time. Helping the young children with cutting, pasting, and coloring is all part of your task. The largest part of the artist assistant work is simply encouraging the children as they make their projects.

The Sign-up Chart is located next the office of the Minister of Christian Nurture. Choose your 4 hours early in the church school year while there are plenty of options!



At the beginning of the Church School Year 2017-2018, the Board of Christian Education decided to use the teaching material developed for the Narrative Lectionary. The Narrative Lectionary is a four-year cycle of readings for use in congregational worship, preaching and teaching. The goal is to preach annually through the biblical narrative in order to center the lives of followers of Christ Jesus in God’s salvation story. Spirit and Truth Publishing has developed the curriculum for all ages that we are currently using throughout All Souls Church

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