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Mrs. Rebekah Timms joined our staff in August of 2020 but has been a part of All Souls throughout most of her life.  Her gifts are many and we are delighted to have her as part of our team.  

Rev. Rebekah Timms, Minister of Christian Nurture

(The text below is taken from an introductory letter sent out in August 2020 to the membership of All Souls.)


Greetings!  I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to each of you.  My name is Rebekah “Becka” Timms, and I have been a member of All Souls since my confirmation in 1998.  Although my official membership status has been 21 years – I have attended and been actively involved in this church for almost 30 years.

I grew up in Holden, Maine and attended schools in the greater Bangor area as well as completed post-graduate degree work at the University of Maine.  Today, I live in Brewer with my husband, Shawn and enjoy reading, hiking, swimming, and spending time with my big family and dear friends. 

The beginning of my teaching career was spent educating students in the first and second grades.  After obtaining a M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, I felt compelled to experience teaching in the special education classroom which led to the pursuit of a M.Ed. in Special Education.  This year marks my 15th year of teaching as a public elementary school teacher.

Growing up in this church shaped me into who I am today.  Over the years, my involvement within the church includes participating as a student in our ASSIST-JC Mission Program, Adult Team Leader in ASSIST-JC, Sunday School Teacher, Member of the C.E. Board as well as Chair of the C.E. Board, Mentor through the Confirmation process, Street Pastor Team Leader, Director of Night in Bethlehem, and Director of Summer Bible School Programs. Outside of All Souls I am a Wish Granter with Make a Wish Foundation, I have served as a group facilitator for Pathfinders, and volunteer to serve meals with the Jericho Road Ministry. 

I am passionate about serving God through loving people and learning their story. I believe this is done through the building of relationships which are fostered through being available to others, meeting them where they are, and loving them for who God created them to be. To be able to see another human through His eyes is a powerful experience. When I take the time to learn an individual's story it opens the opportunity to love and minister to them by relating to who they are and where they are coming from, and when appropriate, sharing my own experience. I am passionate about exhibiting deep empathy, being present and available to others, and, as author Bob Goff encourages, "giving away love like [I'm] made of it".


I am deeply honored, humbled, and without words to express my appreciation for the opportunity to serve God in this capacity.  I am amazed at how He has worked through this process and very much look forward to continuing on this path to which He has brought us. 


May the Lord go before you to guide you,
Beside you to guard you,
Above you to bless you,
Beneath you to uphold you,
And behind you to forgive you,
Now and always.  Amen.

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