The Möller replaced the aging Frazee pipe organ, which was installed in the north transept when the church was built in 1912.​

The Möller Pipe Organ


The Möller Pipe Organ was dedicated to All Souls Congregational Church on Sunday morning, March 8, 1970.  Joan Lippincott, who was head of the organ department at Westminster Choir College, played the dedicatory recital on Sunday afternoon, April 12, 1970. The Möller replaced the aging Frazee pipe organ, which was installed in the north transept (now the chapel) when the church was built in 1912. The new organ with its 3-manual, draw-knob console was designed and built by M. P. Möller, Inc., the world’s largest builder of pipe organs at that time, located in Hagerstown, Maryland. The tonal design was in keeping with the acoustics of the church and the requirements of the church services. There are 1,419 pipes, 12 couplers, 19 pistons, and 4 reversible pistons. The unenclosed positiv is to the left of the rose window, the unenclosed great division is to the right of the window, and the pedal division is behind both of these organs. Two swell divisions are placed on either side of the balcony with individually controlled swell shades operated from a pedal at the console. A 3-horsepower blower in the basement supplies wind to operate the electro-pneumatic action and the pipes. The chimes from the old organ were installed with new action in the right swell chamber. The casework, also built by Möller, encloses the mechanics of the organ, but allows for a good projection of sound into the church.



GREAT—unenclosed and exposed 
Principal 8'
Octav 4'
Super Octav 2'
Mixtur (1-1/3') II-IV ranks


POSITIV—unenclosed and exposed
Gedeckt 8'
Erzahler Celeste II (enclosed with Swell)
Nachthorn 4'
Flotenprincipal 2'
Sesquialter T.C. II ranks

Rohrbass 16'
Rohrflote 8'
Spitzgambe 8'
Principal 4'
Blockflote 2'
Scharf (1') III ranks
Trompete 8'
Hautbois 4'


Bordun 16'
Rohrbass 16'
Octav 8'
Rohrflote 8'
Octav 4'
Nachthorn 4'
Nachthorn 2'
Posaune 16'
Hautbois 4'


*The Deagan Chimes were a gift to the church in 1958 by Dr. Robert  McQuoid.

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