Looking for a picture from a recent event? Want to add photos of your own? Join our Community Dropbox!

Community Dropbox Account

We have set up a Community Dropbox account to share photos and church-related documents. All members are welcome to access our account, to upload and download pictures of church events as they wish. 


How to get access?

Email Darcel at dbryant@allsoulsbangor.com for the login information. 


Community Dropbox Policy:

  • Only members of the All Souls Community may access our Dropbox account. Once you are given login information, please do not share it with anyone. If a friend in our congregation wants it, encourage them to email Darcel. We would like to keep track of who has the login information.

  • Our Dropbox account is primarily for the purpose of sharing pictures and public documents, for example, any photos you take on an Assist-JC trip, or at the Soup Kitchen.

  • Do not post any pictures that you consider to be private and do not want circulated. The account will not be regulated, and members are free to share and use the pictures as they wish, for any relevant and respectful purposes (such as promoting church activities). Do not use pictures for any reason that is not for personal enjoyment or the betterment of our community. If you wish to use a picture for any financial gain you must contact church administration for approval.

  • This is a community account, so is not monitored. Please keep it neat and tidy. Please appropriately label your folders with the title and date of the event. All photos must be in a labeled folder, not simply added to the general account.

  • Please obtain consent from the parent of any minors in photos that you share in our Community Dropbox Account.

  • We want this Dropbox to be a fun and easy way to share photos and documents. Please keep it respectful and in good faith! 

  • All Souls Church takes no legal responsibility for any issues related to files in our Dropbox Account. 

  • Again, because it is not regulated, please do not upload any pictures or documents that you don't want to be shared within our community or on social media (such as Facebook or Instagram). 

  • Church administration reserves the right to remove any photos or documents deemed inappropriate. 

Online Photo Directory

Log in at Instant Church Directory to access the All Souls Church photo directory. Email Darcel at dbryant@allsoulsbangor.com for the login information. 


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