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Thursday night report

No more quaking ground beneath oir feet after the 6:30ish (am) "tremblar". Those of us at the market had a clear view of how Fuego reacted to the quake, and folks still waking up back at the hotel were a bit rattled. But by 7 when Sergio and his crew brought breakfast out, we were all moving on with the workday.

We had good weather til about 11:30 again and made great progress installing walls and painting the rest of the wall panals. As you can see in the photos, every team was buildingvin extremely tight space so as we got to enclosing the frames, teens took turns working alongside the adults. Lots of action playing with neighborhood kids in the street. 

All houses were complete by quitting time at 3 and we headed "home".  House dedications will happen with the families in the morning. Tonight--heading for evening worship, debriefs, and down time. 

I'm not sure why some of my photo posts have ended up on my personal FB page instead of  the Assist-jc one. It's cumbersome to fix the problem. 

I'll try to repost the photos later. 

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