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Special Offering for Ukraine - Update

The Board of Deacons thanks the church for it generosity. The invitation to give toward Ukrainian relief was met with a substantial response. Including the $1,000 offered by the Board, we received gifts totaling $11,044.37. This amount will be divided among the charities listed below.

All these charities are actively present on the ground in Ukraine and/or in neighboring countries. All were given ‘exceptional’ ratings by Charity Navigator. These charities have perfect ratings for financial accountability and transparency. Additionally, less than 15% of funds received will be used for administration and other expenses. Our gifts will be well used and offer a direct impact for those affected by the conflict in Ukraine.

Thank you, again, for your generosity. Please continue to hold the Ukrainian people and our world in prayer.


“Since the invasion of Ukraine, WCK’s Relief Team has been on the ground supporting families sheltering in the country as well as refugees arriving in Poland, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and most recently, in Spain. Cooking out of our own Relief Kitchen in Przemysl, Poland and mobilizing a vast network of chefs and volunteers across all six countries, WCK is providing nearly 200,000 hot, nourishing meals every day. We’re also making daily food product deliveries into Ukraine and throughout the country for WCK restaurant partners cooking


World Vision is working to support refugees in Romania, where we aim to provide hundreds of thousands of people with essential aid, including emergency assistance packages and educational and psychological support. We’re also working with partners to support refugees in Moldova and within Ukraine to support displaced families. We’ve delivered much-needed food and medical supplies to a hospital in Ukraine that is also serving as a temporary shelter for displaced children and their families.”


“Samaritan's Purse continues to provide medical relief to displaced Ukrainians, serving them at our Emergency Field Hospital on the outskirts of Lviv, in western Ukraine. The hospital opened on March 14. We are also operating a 24-hour medical clinic at a train station in Lviv. To meet growing needs, we opened an additional clinic in one of the city's major bus stations. Our fourth medical intervention, an Emergency Outpatient Clinic, is meeting medical needs in southern Ukraine. Multiple Samaritan's Purse airlifts have carried relief and medical supplies for our teams on the ground. DC-8 flights are also helping to resupply Ukranian hospitals.”


Right now in Ukraine Alight is based at the Medyka border crossing, where exposure to frigid temperatures are a serious concern, especially for people crossing the border in the middle of the night. Alight is distributing 1,000 blankets a day, as well as mittens, hats, and socks. We’re heating a warming tent to give Ukrainian families a respite from the cold as they wait for transportation away from the border area. We’re also bringing in other items to make the border crossing more welcoming. Wheelchairs we've brought are put to use immediately to bring elderly Ukrainians across the border to their waiting families.

Alight is also responding to the emergency needs of people still inside Ukraine. Our team is procuring medical supplies like freeze-dried plasma transfusion kits, wound dressings, pain relievers and more in Poland and transporting them into Ukraine to groups holed up in bomb shelters or hospitals that need resupplying. The supplies we provide also include baby food, diapers, sanitary items, blankets, and phone chargers so people can stay connected with loved ones.


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