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"Being with the people, the sermon, the choir just make you feel so good."

What Members are Saying


What are the things about All souls that keep you coming every Sunday?

"Sunday isn't Sunday if you don't go to church." Ruth A

"Being with the people, the sermon, the choir just make you feel so good." Shirley C

"My week is empty if I don't go to church." Shirley B

"It is a place where God's love binds us together. I love gathering with a community of believers sharing love and friendship while supporting one another."  Barbara G

What do you like about being involved with Assist-JC?

"It's good. It feels good to help people because you know you are part of changing people's lives." Emily C

"It's a different experience from every day life." Pallas H

"Assist-JC allows us to be the hands and feet of Christ through service above self. I am hopeful that it will promote in my children a lifelong attitude of actively helping others." Cheryl F

"Assist -JC gives our youth a chance to get ouy of their comfort zone and thereby develop some new skills. I have seen tremendous growth in the kids I helped supervise on the two Eastport trips I attended. One mother who was amazed at the changes she saw in her son as a result of his participation. Youth and adults get so much out of the mission trips because we are put in new situations and have to put our Christian faith to work serving others and interacting with our peers." Ken N


What do you like about being involved with Middle School Youth Group?

"We do a whole bunch of things, like sleep-overs, movies, playing Sardines, cooking.I love it all!" Victoria A

"I really like getting to play all the games, getting to make connections and doing activities that I normally don't get to do." Claire W

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