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Our youth choir program benefits not only the young people, but the whole church.​

Youth Choir

Our youth choir program benefits not only the young people, but the whole church. The sound of children singing is beautiful and unique. Their job as a youth choir is the same as that of an adult church choir: to facilitate worship by combining a religious text with music so that the result surpasses either music or text alone. Youth choir members assume the responsibility of leading the congregation in worship with their music. Their church school education is extended as they deal with religious texts. Also, they learn to cooperate as a team. They learn about performing melody, harmony, and rhythm, and they learn vocal technique, including posture, breath management, diction, and tone production. Possibly a good number of them will belong to adult choirs in the future.


Our youth choir program accommodates singers from second grade through ninth grade, and they rehearse after the Sunday service, from September through May. They sing in church approximately once a month, and sometimes appear at special church occasions such as the annual talent show or the bazaar luncheon. Their outings and special activities in the past have included pizza parties and a performance at the Bangor Public Library.             


Their director, Anne Small, taught music, band and chorus for a number of years in Dedham, Holden and Eddington, and has been employed by the Bangor School Department since 2004. Currently, Anne teaches at Fourteenth Street School and Fruit Street School where her duties include classroom music for pre-kindergarten through grade three as well as weekly third grade chorus rehearsals in preparation for a number of performances throughout the school year. She is also an excellent flutist, and teaches flute and piano privately. Anne is a mom herself, patient and encouraging, dedicated, and well equipped to teach the skills needed for our youth to make beautiful music.


Learn more about occasional performances and our Music Director, Kay Eames. 

All Souls Choir
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