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News from Kairos

See the note below for news from the Kairos School in Ciudad Vieja, Guatemala.

Praying this mail finds you well. First of all we want to thank each and everyone of you who helped in any way for Mayra to be able to go and share about Kairos with different churches, friends and family. It was a great trip and you made it easier for her to be away from home for such a long time.

The school year in Kairos came to and end and the graduation was a very nice one. 106 kids finished the school year in Kairos and 3 of our sponsored students finished one more year of college.

2024 comes with several changes which we have been praying a lot about and we trust God will be for good. Sometimes our plan "Z" is really God´s plan "A" for our lives.

School year will be in the morning for pre-K and elementary school.

Junior high and high school will be in the afternoon.

We had the Secretarial degree as part of our high school and as of January we are adding high school both for boys and girls.

We are also making alliances with 1bot/STEEAM.

These are topics we have been praying a lot for for at least three years and we believe it´s "Kairos", God's time to take a step of faith and do it.

We thank you, because we cannot do it without your ongoing support and prayers through all these 14 years.


  • Implementation of the STEEAM program: $12,000.00 (due date to pay-December 2023)

  • Operational costs for November and December 2023-$20,000.00 ($6,000.00 in the account)

  • 10 Computers (with the required characteristics) as part of the implementation of the STEEAM Program: $6500.00 (prices fluctuate)

  • Implementing a very much needed storage room (and lockers): $2000.00

  • Operational costs: $120,000.00 for the full year of 2024

  • Long term volunteers

  • Land to expand the school building or move the school to a different location


  • 15 computers for the teachers. This prayer request has been recently answered and we want to thank God and Dr. Wade for letting God use him in this matter.

EBENEZER!!! IS ALL WE CAN SAY. God has been good ALL the time.

We look forward to having you here in 2024 either with a short term mission trip, long time volunteer or just visiting as a family.


Vinicio and Mayra


Mayra Garcìa

Presidente Asociaciòn Kairos Guatemala


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