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October is Stewardship Month | Building God's House

Dear Members and Friends of All Souls Congregational Church, During our recent “Re-covenanting Sunday” worship service, Pastor Chad invited us to commit ourselves anew to both one another and also the work that we share as a local family of God’s people. We are a community in covenant and seek God’s support and guidance as we carry out our commitments. The work that is ours together might be described as building a house for God. The word ‘house’ refers to far more than a building, but to a people. Given this work, the theme of this year’s stewardship campaign is fitting. That theme is taken from the first verse of Psalm 127.

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.

~Psalm 127:1a (ESV)

All Souls is our spiritual home. It is not just a building but a community of Christians working, worshipping, playing, growing, and serving. We are a community striving, with God’s help, to follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ. Through our involvement and through our financial support we help to build that community; we help to build the house which is All Souls Congregational Church. During worship on the first four Sundays in October, you will hear from representatives of this committee. Each will speak about the various ways we are building God’s house. The first Sunday will focus on our worship, the next on our service to one another, and the third on our outreach to the community and beyond. The message on the fourth Sunday will focus on our facilities, an important tool in the work of building a people. You may also hear some of the first insights gleaned through our now unfolding visioning process. October 30th will be Stewardship Sunday. Between now and then, we ask you to prayerfully consider how you will support our efforts in 2023. This challenge is offered to our membership certainly, but also to the many others who are interested in seeing our ministries thrive and grow. We are thankful for your support as well. Be looking for more information as we move toward Stewardship Sunday including instructions on how you can make a pledge of support toward our ministries in 2023. We thank you in advance, for your support. Together, and with God’s help, we are building a house for God. In Gratitude,

All Souls Stewardship Committee Joanna Dotts Askins, committee chair Brenda Gammon Louis House Doug Kavanaugh Marianna Reeves Trish Aylward


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