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Holy Week at All Souls Church

Holy Week begins on Palm Sunday. This year, Sunday, March 20 marks the beginning of Holy Week. This is the day we recognize Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem with crowds cheering his arrival. We participate in the parade from afar with special music and the distribution of palms as we sing our own Hosannas.

Maundy Thursday, Thursday, March 24, is the night we recall Jesus’ last supper with his disciples before his arrest, trial and execution. At All Souls we mark this night in a number of ways. For teens and adults participating in the summer mission program, a special meal (a "Seder") is shared as the beginning of the Passion Vigil which they will observe for 24 hours. For the entire community a special worship service is offered which begins at 7:30 p.m. During this service, the Lord’s Supper is shared followed by the service of Tenebrae. In this part of the evening, the events of Jesus’ last evening with his friends are recounted as well as his prayers in the garden before his arrest. The darkness of the time in Jesus’ life is reflected in the lighting, the music and the admonition to not greet one another after the service is concluded, saving that joy for Easter morning.

The Passion Vigil is designed for high school students to enter into a time of introspection and reflection on the significance of Good Friday for them and for all followers of Jesus. Various spiritual disciplines are introduced and practiced during the 24 hours together as we “watch” through the night and follow Jesus through the events of that first Good Friday. This is open to all high school students associated with All Souls.

Holy Saturday, Saturday, March 26, is marked with a Taize Service held at 7:30 p.m. In the quiet, soft light of the Meeting House, the chants, prayers and silence that mark Taize worship are utilized to focus our minds and hearts on the gift of Good Friday and Easter Morning. Members of the All Souls Choir lead the singing, but everyone who attends is “part of the choir”. The meditative quality of the evening is reflective of the evening worship at the Taize Community in France.

Easter Morning, Sunday, March 26, is the joyous celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. The Service of Worship begins at 10:00 a.m.. The music, scripture readings and prayers praise God for the miracle of that first Easter. For Christians, this day is the center piece of our faith. We rejoice together with Christians throughout the world and we invite all who want to hear this good news afresh to come be a part of us for a day

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