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Tuesday night

It's Tuesday, right? It's a bit hard to keep track! And I'm having trouble posting pictures, given just my iphone and the very slow wi-fi at the hotel and at Kairos school, our base of operations for the work. So I'll keep adding pictures as possible.  

The folks at Kairos asked To have two adults spend the morning with their English language classes so the children could hear Bible stories in English from some Gringos. So Renee and I stayed there while Becka and Tammy and ten of our teens led Bible School for about 45 children at a nearby school. Sorry, no pics available, but they reported a great morning. 

Building teams had some rain to deal with in the morning, but afternoon conditions were fine. The Bible school team hiked up the oh-my-goodness hill to the sites and held Bible school for the children we're building for --and other neighborhood kids.  You'll see street scenes, work site scenes (don't show them to OSHA, please!), and ... whatever else I throw in for kicks. No health issues of serious concern so far. Things are going well. Keep up the prayers!

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