Friday morning and links to FB

Good morning, friends and familyūüė䬆

So far, so good this morning! Our work site teams had their debriefing sessions last night and later the "After Hours Mens Crafters Group of All Souls" (meets every two years in Guatemala; open to new members!) helped the Bible School team de-sticker the dishes we had brought from home as house gifts for the families. 

This morning we'll return to Ciudad Vieja for the house dedications.  We'll take the mile and a half hike for the last  time (the last half mile up a steep hill that has made for good conversations --between huffing and puffing for many). 

 And we'll have a street party with the neighborhood before heading back to the hotel. Rumor has it Bruce has a "noteable places in Antigua" scavenger hunt planned for the afternoon. 

Go to the Assist-jc FB page for photos. I'll try once again to imbed links to the photos that ended up on my site by mistake. ( It may be a bit clunky, but I hope it will give access to everyone!  We'll figure put much better use of the technology before our next trip--despite low-speed internet! 

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