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Friday night

As you can see from the photos on FB, it's been a truly wonderful day. It's the first truly hot morning we've had--and it was  steamy. The low clouds and relatively light rains that inconvenienced us all week (and we learned they greatly need the rain) actually kept working conditions more tolerable than if we'd had a week of this morning's heat .  But as it has all week long,  showers arrived  around 11:30. Our house dedications were moving and tearful for each team has made deep connections with the families. 

As one site finished up, a team member stood on the homeowner's outdoor toilet bowl to reach the eaves, only to have it break. Not a good situation to leave our new friends to face! So off Renee went to buy a replacement--which turned out to be a stunning shade of blue!  (Lowe's and Home Depot, take notice!)

After singing two of our bible school

 songs to the neighborhood, we hiked down the long hill one last time and gathered in the square to wait for our bus. It's delay was another  God moment --  Leonarda and family members we'd built for two years ago "just happened to walk through the square" and she and Renee recognized each other with delight. She told us she and the children still sing the songs-- so we serenaded her😊

After PB and J's back at Hotel Del Marques, we headed out in teams on the scavenger hunt Bruce had created, seeing lots of historic sites, and ending up in the beautiful diwntown plaza in front on the cathedral. 

Tonight as I write, the kids are playing card games etc out on the patio and Mike Cormier is singing Jimmy Buffet tunes rewritten with mission trip lyrics. Gotta go be part of the fun. 

Love to all.  

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