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Bazaar | Bread Making Workshop

If you’ve been loafing around, feeling a kneed to get involved in this Bazaar thing, join the “Flour Power” crew. There is no breader workshop to be a part of! You must rise to the occasion. It’s the yeast you can do.

Join us Thursday afternoon November 15th any time after 1 pm and go ‘til the oven goes cold. (Succulent savory samples for all!! )

So help get this thing rolling!!! Bring a big bowl, your favorite flour, and let’s make some dough! Special event flour grinding on the spot! Middle & high school youth are welcome if you sign up ahead of time. All donations of bread making ingredients are welcomed! Any questions please give Bruce Robie a buzz or e-mail me, Let’s hope nothing goes a-rye!!

sssshhhhh: Heads up for pre-sale orders...

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