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Pastor Emeritus/Emerita Service | October 22

Join us for a special presentations during worship on Sunday, October 22nd for the Rev. Dr. James Haddix and the Rev. Mrs. Renee Garrett!

Whereas the Rev. Renee U. Garrett served All Souls Congregational Church with distinction for 33 years as its Minister of Christian Nurture;

whereas the Rev. Dr James L. Haddix served All Souls Congregational Church with distinction for 26 years as its Pastor and Teacher;

whereas both Rev. Garrett and Dr. Haddix, at the conclusion of their ministry among us and on our behalf, entered into retirement;

whereas their ministry and the leadership exercised therein is worthy of recognition and stands as an example to us all;

and whereas both Rev. Garrett and Dr. Haddix remain valued members of our congregation who continue to contribute to its spiritual wellbeing by their presence and prayers;

we the members of the All Souls Congregational Church elect to bestow upon them, at a date to be determined by the Executive Board, during a time of public worship, the honorary titles of Pastor Emerita and Pastor Emeritus respectively. We do so in joy and thanksgiving, trusting in the God of both our past and our futures. Glory to God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

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