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Sharing God's Light

What better way to share God’s light than through acts of kindness? I’m not talking about big, grandiose gestures, but those little things we can do every day to lift someone’s spirits. As a fun way to keep track of what we do, we are going to create a paper chain and see how big we can make it! Wouldn’t it be amazing to have it go all around our church? This will be done and discussed in Sunday school classrooms regularly, but we want everyone to participate as well! Did you donate socks or bags to the York Street Sock Garden? Put a link on the chain! Did you smile at a stranger=link on the chain! Did you hold the door open for someone? Put your grocery cart back into the stall? Let someone go in front of you in a line? Take out the trash without being asked? See how simple it can be? In the Baillie Building on a bulletin board near the office, you will see 3 envelopes. One will have strips of paper with kindness ideas already printed on them. Another envelope will have blank strips of paper where you can write down what you have done. And the last will be empty. You can put your completed links in this envelope and periodically the chain will be updated! Check your pew packs for ideas you can do while at church that morning! All acts of kindness are welcome! Be creative and have fun! Let’s see how big this chain can get!!!

See Becka Timms, Beth Tilton, or Brenda Gammon if you have any questions.


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