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New Flavor for ASSIST-JC Eggs

People have been asking for this particular new flavor for years. Only after some "so-so" responses to the

raspberry flavored egg this Lent did the candy creators determine that the plea for MAPLE eggs should no longer be ignored.

On Sunday, February 28th a testing of the new flavor at the Coffee Hour was greeted with, “It’s about time!” “This is great!” “I’ve got maple syrup flowing in my veins and this is just right!”. With that positive feedback, we dove into making a batch of maple eggs. When it got out that the raspberry eggs were not going to be made again we suddenly heard, “There are not going to be any more raspberry eggs? Oh no, they were my favorite!” The egg makers put their heads together and decided to do half a batch of raspberry as well. Now after a flurry of activity throughout this week, there are 3807 more eggs available…

704 mint

313 raspberry

748 coconut

714 maple

1328 Peanut Butter

Are your taste buds talking to you? This latest "eggstravaganza" makes it possible for you to purchase any flavor we make from any member of ASSIST-JC. You can also purchase eggs by coming into the church office. If you have a local business location that you could stock with eggs and are willing to do so, your help would be greatly appreciated!

All proceeds go toward the ASSIST-JC mission trip to Eastport in June as well as setting the stage for an International mission trip in 2017.

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