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Eastport-God's Project

“I saw the weather report about rain and I just said, ‘God, we can’t have rain, you gotta make that storm go around us.’ and you know what? That’s just what the storm did. Ain’t that something?” Shirley seemed as surprised as pleased that God answered her humble prayer so that the team constructing her new steps and a deck could keep at the work.

It’s been that kind of week so far. People with the right skills showing up at the right moment. Smiles all around. Projects moving smoothly or not, but still moving ahead anyway. Stories from residents have entertained the teams and stories are being created by the moment.

You need to ask about Shiloh Marie, the house-trained pig, or the view from Veronica’s house and Baby, the pit bull.

And you should ask about the local contractor who donated $100.00 for supplies, or the nearly blind homeowner who nevertheless made a delicious batch of homemade cookies after apologizing to the team saying she was no longer able to bake. God moments abound in this beautiful part of Maine. As we tell the team, “God has already been at work in Eastport long before we got here; we are just joining him for a few days.”

We could not do all this with out your support and prayers. Together, we are the Church and we are showing the love of God through our active hands and feet. Enjoy the photos!

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