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Awesome Opportunity to Support the Pipe Organ Fund

The recently completed CD of organ music from All Souls Church is now available at the church and at several places around Bangor for $15 each. It will also be on sale at our All Souls Bazaar on Saturday, November 19. The CD features organist Kay Eames playing traditional organ literature (Bach, Franck, Mendelssohn, etc.), with an original piece and a few hymn arrangements that she composed, a couple of flute pieces played by Anne Small, flutist, and a distinctly non-religious piece at the end: Entrance of the Gladiators. Proceeds will benefit the pipe organ fund at the church for a digital upgrade to the console. You can find the CD at Bull Moose Music, 683 Hogan Road, and online at; The Not So Empty Nest (624 Hammond Street); and Knapp’s Music Center (51 Main Street). If you or someone you know loves organ music, this CD would make a great gift.

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