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Chad L. Poland, Next Minister of All Souls Church

The Executive Board is pleased to announce that the congregational meeting on Sunday, November 27th resulted in overwhelming acceptance of the Rev. Mr. Chad L. Poland, the recommended candidate, as our next minister. Rev. Poland will begin ministry with All Souls Congregational Church on March 1st, 2017.

Rev. Renee U. Garrett will serve as interim from January 1st through 28 February 2017. She will be charged with pulpit coverage and maintaining several key roles and functions through this time of transition.

Please join the Executive Board in thanking all of the members who served on the Search Committee – Melissa Huston (Chair), Barbara Gibson, Clif Eames, George Eaton, Lois Dvorak, Bruce Robie, Rebekah Timms and Ben Sprague. It has been a real joy to welcome Rev. Poland along with the Search Committee as they diligently and faithfully discerned God’s will in calling our next pastor.

We encourage you to get to know Rev. Chad Poland and to prepare for his call to lead worship and guide the ministry at All Souls Congregational Church. We look forward with great anticipation to welcoming Rev. Poland and his family in March!

God Bless,

The Executive Board of

All Souls Congregational Church

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