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Mission Trip 2017

We're here at last!  It's Monday morning and the teams are going to their worksites.  And I'm taking a few moments to let you folks back home know how we're doing. Accompanying photos will chronicle our experiences. 

We got off to a great start Saturday night, loading the Cyr bus with the help of Mike Warmuth and Dave Boomer. Then Renee led our team meeting and the trip officially began. 

We got to Logan airport around 3:30 a.m. and as all the travel teams began to check in, we were dumfounded and dismayed to find two passports had been left back at church through no fault of their owners.  It's a long story, filled with God-sightings, and we'll tell you the whole of it when we get home. Suffice it for now say that Phil and Elizabeth spent a memorable Father's Day together, accompanied by Carol ("whoops, I'm the one who dropped the ball") as we trailed the main group by many hours. [Carol Craig found the missing passports at church at 4:00 a.m. and Andrea Hand couriered them for a rendez-vous in Kennebunk with Carol, Phil and Elizabeth (rented a car) about 8:30...and back to Logan for a 1:00 pm flight.]

The larger group's first flight had been delayed two hours and they believed they would surely miss their connection in Miami, but the airline held their flight and even moved the arrival gate to facilitate the luggage transfer. 

At the end of a very long travel night and day, with God's help through the hearts, hands and feet of many people who were moved to do His will helping us, all team members were together again at our hotel in Antigua.  We are all reminded as this mission week begins that we are here in Guatemala because He wants us to be here. 

This morning spirits are high. We had a great breakfast, followed by morning worship. Then we loaded onto the bus and headed to Kairos School, our base of operations in nearby Ciudad Vieja where our teams are now dispersing to the small parcels of land where they will build one room houses for five families. 

Keep us in your prayers. God is looking out for us. 

Carol Sherman

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