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Final night in Guatemala

Everyone reconvened at Hotel del Marques by 6:00 and Sergio closed out  our week with a stellar meal. Our hostess gave each of us farewell remembrances and we had evening worship and a closing circle, All Souls style. We had senior blessings for Cat and Will Strauch (who were away on Senior Sunday).   Several long time mission veterans expressed their deep appreciation for Renee's leadership of ASSIST-JC and many joined in. 

And now we've mostly packed our bags for morning. Breakfast's at 8 and the busses leave here at 9:30 for yhe airport. Our flight leaves at a minute to 2:00 pm (supposedly!). If all goes well, we'll arrive in Boston at 1:05 a.m. Then we have to collect our bags and load the bus...

I'll send an email to everyone and put up a blog post from Miami.  And when we pull away from the airport I'll send an estimated time of arrival. 

All's well.  Pray for smooth connections tomorrow. 

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