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Bazaar Cookie Nook | Bakers Needed

The Cookie Nook at our Church Bazaar will sell over 125 dozen cookies on Bazaar Day. We need a lot of bakers to bake 3 dozen or more of your favorite cookie or bars. We ask our bakers to sign up on the Cookie List that will be posted near the church office Nov 1. Or you can email Dale Wilkes at We need to know your name, email/phone#, type of cookie, and how many. It helps us to know what kind of cookies are coming in so that we can answer those who ask “what kind do you need?”

Cookies should be delivered to the Cookie Nook (Room C) no later than Friday noon, Nov 16. It takes the Cookie Crew about 8 hours to package and display the cookies on that Friday. In the past, we have asked you to bring them unpackaged, but if you feel so inclined, you may bring them already packaged in clear packs/plates of 6 or a dozen. We will label and price them.

Gluten-free cookies, Thanksgiving or Christmas cookies, fancy or plain…..we’ll take all types because we have never met a cookie we did not like!

Contact Dale Wilkes or Renee Garrett with any questions.

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