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Bazaar | New "Pie +" Workshop

Friday, November 16th, from 9:00 am until we finish!

This year we will be expanding our offerings to include other baked goods such as quick breads, cheesecakes, apple crisps, and tarts. We would love to have many hands to help lighten the load and share in the fun.

Donations of the following ingredients would be greatly appreciated!

  • cake flour

  • unbleached white flour

  • white sugar

  • brown sugar

  • butter

  • canned pumpkin

  • block cream cheese

  • apples

  • frozen blueberries

  • frozen raspberries

  • cinnamon

  • disposable containers such as pie tins, small bread tins, and 8" square baking tins

  • We will also need use of several standing mixers.

Please bring your offerings to the church by Monday, Nov. 12th. For more information or to sign up to help in the kitchen for any amount of time, please speak with or contact Cheryl Fasse,

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